Introducing TWFF An article by Dr John Young.

What Is Responsible Forest Management?
Responsible forest management means forests are managed in a way that protects the water, soil and wildlife. It means communities, indigenous peoples, forest workers - anyone who is affected by what is happens to forests - agree on how the forest will be managed.And it means people can continue to work, live and earn an income from the forest for generations to come. (Forest Stewardship Council)

Timber Workers for Forests Forest Management Policy. as developed by Pro Silva, a federation of foresters who advocate forest management based on natural processes, also known as Close-To-Nature Forest Management. PRO SILVA was founded in Slovenia in 1989.

Presentations by the Forestry Guild (USA), After decades of exploitation, change is on the horizon. These three presentations, by the Forestry Guild USA, may assist in reviewing future forest management in Tasmania. There is a unique chance for all Tasmanians involved in forest and catchment related issues to learn something for a better Tasmania!