Objectives & Purposes

Umbrella statement

Maximise the value of Tasmania’s forests for the people of Tasmania in perpetuity.

1. Advocate changes to native forest management to enable perpetual supply of special species timber and high quality eucalypts. Native forest is defined for our purposes as being representative of‘old growth and regrowth forests that have not yet been clearfelled.

2. Facilitate the immediate transition from clear-fell and burning of native forests to site specific, low-impact harvesting using single stem extraction as the preferred method.

3. Ensure the harvest of product does not compromise ecological integrity in the area of forest being harvested.

4. Promote labeling of timber with site of origin and species.

5. Promote the preservation and development of fine wood skills and crafts and of Tasmania as a centre of excellence in the skilful and wise use of wood.

6. Promote the high quality work of all timber workers involved in the timber industry, from forest to marketplace.

7. Promote the use of solid Tasmanian. native forest timber for its highest possible value and most appropriate use with the minimum of waste.

8. Maximise opportunities for skilled employment in the timber industry.

9. Promote education of the general community in the wise management of forests and use of timber.

10. Lobby authorities and developers on behalf of the community to obtain the best possible outcome in accordance with TWFF purposes.

To facilitate its objects and purposes, the Association may do the following:

1. conduct or participate in independent studies/research;

2. liaise with state and local government authorities;

3. produce and distribute newsletters and other information;

4. call public meetings;

5. support and encourage other community associations with similar aims;

6. carry out fund raising activities;

7. any other activities it considers useful.


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